According to the latest news from Japan, Sony will soon stop production of certain PlayStation 4 models. The list of models that are not expected to be in stock again after they are sold out is in our news.

Japanese technology giant Sony will soon stop producing some PlayStation 4 game consoles. Although it is not known exactly when the company will launch the production cut plan, important clues were found in one of the game stores in Japan.

A Twitter user named Cheesemeister, who lives in Japan, encountered a warning message in one of the stores in the country that certain versions of the console will no longer be in stock because they will no longer be manufactured.

Non-restocked models:
PS4 500GB White
PS4 1TB Black
PS4 1TB White
PS4 2TB Black
PS4 Pro 1TB White
Sony has not made an official statement on the subject yet. However, such news had been on the agenda before. Despite all these developments, the company will continue to support the PlayStation 4 game consoles for at least a few more years after the PlayStation 5 is released.


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