At the CES 2020 event, which was physically held in the absence of coronavirus, Sony introduced its first prototype electric vehicle called the Vision-S. The Japanese tech giant has now announced at the CES 2021 event that Vision-S has begun testing the vehicle on public roads in Europe. We will soon be seeing the Sony Vision-S electric car on the road.



Sony’s goal with Vision-S is to showcase the many capabilities of its technologies to the automotive industry. While it was a prototype vehicle last year, the company announced last month that it began testing the vehicle on public roads in Austria. Sony posted a video of the process on YouTube. However, the information is unfortunately not yet disclosed, except that they are currently trying to optimize the vehicle’s safety. You can watch the video of Sony’s Tesla rival car below.

At the CES 2021 event, Sony announced that the vehicle had two 200kW engines and could accelerate from 0-100 km / h in about 4.8 seconds. The car will also have Level-2 autonomous driving features. We will probably be able to see this car officially on the streets in the next 1-2 years.

The world’s shift towards electric cars seems to have mobilized technology manufacturers. After Sony, Apple is expected to announce its electric car in 2025. Who knows, maybe we will see cars from companies such as Xiaomi and Samsung in this process.

Actually, Samsung has little experience in this field. Probably, Samsung will introduce its electric car at the same time as Apple.

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