The company, which has been frustrated in the smartphone industry since 2018, has made its new move with the Sony Xperia Pro model. The Japanese manufacturer wants to return to their successful era with new models. Sony, who wants to draw a line to its bad days, is on the shelves in the USA as of today.



The new model is seen as a top variant of the Sony Xperia1 II. The reason for the late release of the device was announced as the awaiting the introduction of the Aplha1 Full Frame camera.

The device has 4 5G (mmWave) antennas and 1 HDMI connector. With this technology, photos and videos can be transferred to another device instantly with the support of mmWae by connecting to an FTP server. In other words, the phone can be used as a monitor and can project the photos to another screen. A professional photographer demonstrated the importance of this technology with the photograph he published.

The device carries a 6.5 inch OLED display with 4K HDR support. It is powered by the Snapdragon 865 chipset. The device has 12 megapixel primary, secondary with AF (auto focus) support and three cameras with 20 fps AE (auto exposure) support. In addition, camera sensors can automatically detect human and animal eyes with phase detection autofocus support.

The phone, which has 5G support, is available for sale via Verizon with a price tag of $ 2,500. It is also among the information that other 4G supported models of the phone will be introduced.

Sony, which has almost revolutionized especially with its camera, seems to have remained in the classroom with its processor. However, it will also fascinate smartphone users with its new camera technology. How successful can Sony be with its features and at this price tag?


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