Looking at three-dimensional printers, they have been in our lives for many years, but as expected, they could not enter everyone’s home. The costly use of these devices, which are limited in general, also prevents them from entering homes.

We see that these printers, which we see used in many areas, are mostly used to make prototype parts in designs. In addition, the printing of food products with three-dimensional text corresponds to a slightly more recent date. It is possible to print chocolate with a three-dimensional printer as a result of a newly announced project.

As you want: Three-dimensional printer will print chocolate
The famous Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut, known from brands such as Nestle and Hershey, enters the specialty printing chocolate business. Although it is good news for chocolate patients, unfortunately we are talking about a project-based breakthrough for now. Nevertheless, chocolate printing with three-dimensional printers, which is an important step, seems to facilitate the work of pastry makers or brands that make custom-made chocolate.

The company says it can produce three-dimensional printed chocolate, which says it is the world’s first, through a newly created studio. We can say that it is possible to print hundreds of custom-made chocolates, such as mass production, especially in handmade chocolates. Let’s not go without specifying, chocolate has been printed with 3D printers for a while, but it cannot be used frequently because it is expensive.

One of the biggest reasons for the emergence of such an alternative idea is shown to be the rising prices of chocolate in Europe in recent years. Barry Callebaut, on the other hand, is a company that stands out with its innovative ideas in the chocolate industry, the giant chocolate producer discovering the pink Ruby chocolate and aims to be the pioneer of a new chocolate experience.


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