The source codes of CD Projekt RED, which were seized with ransomware, were sold.Following the cyber attack of CD Projekt RED, most of the source code was seized by hackers until Cyberpunk 2077 and the unpublished version of The Witcher 3.

The hackers, who demanded that the developer studio contact him, offered these source codes to auction for $ 1 million. The pirates also stated that they would sell all codes directly for $ 7 million. While these developments left their mark on the game industry, it was announced that the captured resources codes of the game were sold.

For now, it is unknown to whom or for how much their codes were sold. However, according to the report published on the subject, it is stated that the codes are sold for a serious fee. In addition, it is among the shared information that the buyer of the codes is stipulated that they cannot resell.

No explanation has yet been received from CD Projekt RED regarding these events. The developer studio is expected to release a detailed description of these events.


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