Apple, who could not get rid of the charges, was again on trial with South Korea. Apple has been suing constantly for various complaints lately. He is faced with many lawsuits such as making money from casino applications, filing various complaints for iPhone models. However, Apple seems to never get rid of the cases. Because this time it is left with the case file of South Korea.



In 2016, Apple was accused of abuse of its dominant market position in South Korea. These charges came to an end after 5 years. So South Korea and Apple reached an agreement between them. Under the agreement, Apple had to pay KRW 100 billion ($ 89.6 million) to help small businesses, education and consumers.

Among the reasons for the accusations are also forcing Apple carrier companies to buy minimum devices and share repair costs with him. In fact, it is seen as another reason that iPhones require operators to pay for TV advertisements.

Therefore, Apple will pay 40 Billion KRW ($ 35.7 Million) for small businesses to build research and development centers. It will also pay another 25 Billion KRW ($ 22.3 Million) and apply a 10% discount on the repairs of iPhone models. For ICT developers, it will pay 25 Billion KRW to education centers and 10 Billion KRW (8.9 Million USD) to the education system.


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