In order to be able to attract audiences to movie theaters again, CJ-CGV is conducting tests so that people do not have direct contact with employees. The idea is to offer ticket sales through apps, automated kiosks and even replace your human team with AI robots.

CGV is the largest cinema network in South Korea and has seen a considerable reduction in the number of customers. According to Variety, in April this year, the number of tickets sold was equivalent to 5% of the same period in 2019.

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, South Koreans have avoided frequenting environments with many people and that require physical contact. With the new measures, whoever goes to the cinemas will not have contact with employees. The head of CGV’s innovation team said that, with the measures taken, he expects customers to return to the cinema.

“Viewers’ demand for contactless services [in the cinema] is also expected to grow as a result of this new reality,” said Dae-sik. “We will monitor customer feedback and operations and consider expanding the contactless cinema system, which should increase the level of convenience for our customers, as well as the efficiency of cinema operation.”

Other problems
In addition to security measures, South Korean cinema networks also need to deal with the lack of releases. With most movie theaters closed in the rest of the world, studios are postponing releases for the second half. To compensate, theaters are needing to bet on reissues of smaller films, like A Rainy Day in New York, by Woody Allen.


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