Hashed, a South Korea-based blockchain solutions company, managed to raise more than $ 120 million in a short period of time for the Hashed Venture Fun initiative, which it launched a few months ago.

With the funds collected, it was announced that investments in fintech companies are planned in order to adopt blockchain protocols in the economy and reach new solutions.

In the information on the company’s website, it is clearly stated that their mission is to adopt and adopt blockchain technologies worldwide and to provide information and other support to companies that play a role in the development of these technologies.

This success they have achieved in a short time seems to open the door to larger funds. Because it started to be known by names such as the leading company in the block chain in Seoul. However, he explained from the company that this fund is also very important for supporting new blockchain projects and that they will work harder on it.

The term “protocol economy”, which has been mentioned a lot by Hashed, aims to strengthen the problems faced by the world giant and especially S. Korea-based companies and the new blockchain solutions developed against these problems.

“Initiating the era of protocol economy, the Korean domestic startup scene will witness the resurgence of the blockchain industry as well as the maturation market that attracts both government and corporate support for a new paradigm.”

Hashed, which is under the influence of intense crypto money and blockchain solutions in the Asian region, also announced its partnership with KB Kookmin Bank. Before this announcement, the bank’s crypto asset storage service was also implemented. Increasing popularity in light of the developments, the company is also expected to raise larger funds in the next study.

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