Space Jam 2 News: Someone did not do their research homework right


Space Jam 2: A New Legacy finally debuted at the box office, leaving mixed opinions among the public, as it did not quite please the vast majority.

We knew that reaching the first film would be difficult, but what no one expected was that they would get into video games in the worst way.

As you read, Space Jam 2: A New Legacy made two mistakes that gamers did not forgive, because they incorrectly portrayed this beautiful hobby.

The first mistake comes in the first 5 minutes of the film, when we see a small and depressed LeBron, to whom one of his friends lends him a portable console.

The case belongs to a legendary Game Boy; however, in the film it is mentioned that it is a ‘Color’.

Finally, we see the basketball player play Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, when we know that the Nintendo device did not have such capabilities.

Space Jam 2 shows video games as a negative

This blunder made many gamers annoyed by the inaccuracy; however, it was not the only criticism of the film.

A few scenes later show us Lebron in training; however, he appears having fun with the console.

Moments later we see his coach scolding him for playing instead of practicing, mentioning that video games are a simple distraction that will prevent him from succeeding in sport.

Given these words, the protagonist of Space Jam 2 throws the console in the trash and gets to work, giving what seems to be a message of rejection of this activity.

Many gamers felt that this scene sends a negative message, as it portrays consoles as something harmful.

Do you think they are right or are they exaggerating?


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