Space Perspective is a new company that aims high (literally), they hope to place tourists in “space” shortly. The space between quotation marks, because they are really going to stay on the edge of the stratosphere. Of course, for about $ 125,000 a ticket and a six-hour trip, customers will enjoy satellite views mounted on a capsule that rises in the air thanks to a balloon filled with hydrogen.

The idea of ​​Space Perspective is, essentially, to use gigantic balloons to take people to the heights. It is of course an interesting twist on the idea of ​​space tourism, where others like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX or Blue Origin are betting on rockets. But of course, the limitations are also greater.

Stratospheric tourism

Those responsible point out that the maximum height that the balloon will reach will be about 100,000 feet (30 kilometers to understand us). To reach this height it takes about two hours for the balloon to rise from the Earth’s surface with a pilot and up to eight passengers. After spending two more hours on the heights the balloon descends for another two hours to end up on a platform in the ocean.

In those two hours in the stratosphere, passengers will have unique views of what Earth looks like from such a height. You are not going to experience weightlessness, since for that you have to move a lot farther from the Earth, however, you will slightly notice the sensation when part of the gravity is reduced. The Neptune capsule (where the passengers are located) has a conical shape with 360-degree windows and allows a complete view of Earth. For having they will have up to a bar, bathroom and W-Fi.

The gigantic balloon is the other part of this plan. It is a translucent balloon filled with hydrogen in the form of a gas. It will allow the capsule to ascend at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour. When descending, the process is the same as with a globe, but this time they say that the globe cannot be reused for other trips, only the Neptune capsule.

It will work? Should. In a way, the founders of Space Perspective already have experience in this, they have previously created World View, which places probes and research teams in the stratosphere following the same process with balloons. Here really what changes is the size of the load, and its value, after all, will be to take 9 lives to the stratosphere. They plan to launch a first test, humanless balloon early next year.


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