SpaceX enables users to connect to the International Space Station with the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft with its new web-based simulator game.

SpaceX has released its web browser based simulator. Users try to approach the International Space Station with a successful approach to the International Space Station by directing the SpaceX Dragon 2 spacecraft via its web address. In short, the aim of the game is to briefly successfully connect with your spacecraft as a Crew Dragon member.

The simulator is quite simple and designed as a single section. But it requires a lot of patience. Already, the users are informed on the website that the real approach movements in space are so slow and that they need to be patient. In other words, the web-based simulator also has a claim of realism.

Another interesting part of the simulator, that is, using a real interface here. The actual interface used by NASA astronauts is used exactly. Astronauts operate with the same interface as soon as they control SpaceX Dragon 2 manually. You have to make a successful approach to ISS by directing the spacecraft in different axes and evaluating speed and direction well.

A former Air Force pilot, one of the NASA executives, Jim Bridenstine reported on Twitter that he was one of the first people to try the simulator with a tweet, and that he was able to approach the International Space Station successfully on his first attempt. But those who try the simulator also realize that the work is not that simple.

Those who want to try the web based simulator can log in at Let’s also say that it does not require any registration for the trial.


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