Apple users can listen to Spotify from the home browser.

If you are one of those who cannot work or study without music Spotify is an application that you should always have on hand. Either from your mobile or computer there is a version of the app available for download, although there are people who prefer to use the browser function that is available to each user while using the Internet. However, users of a bitten apple device couldn’t use Safari to play Spotify until today.

Spotify was not available for Safari
Apple users cling to apps and devices around the house. We do not blame them, those of Cupertino know how to make things easy and simple, but that does not mean that they have some flaw than others or things in which to improve their current products. One of them, without leaving the scope of software, is your Safari browser which fights against others to be the most important even in your own home (something that even happened to Microsoft since the arrival of Edge Chromium).

Luckily for them they are one step closer to achieving it after recovering Spotify in Safari according to 9to5MAc account. Yes, the app is very comfortable to use, but those who cannot install applications on their machine are obliged to go to the mobile or browser version to listen to their favorite topics and the Apple app denied entry to the service no less than three years. The reasons today are not clear, but we must celebrate the good news.

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If it doesn’t work, try these tricks
The big congratulations for Apple users is that Safari can now be used in their Safari browser. Either by the bitten apple or the app, the service is already available, although there are users who do not have access even if you are one of them, do not worry.

There are tricks to recover Spotify in Safari and they are two very simple. The first of all is to update the browser, something you should do if the app does not update itself. The other thing you can try is to go to a private window where you probably have access to the online music application.


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