Spotify announced that they have started offering download capability to Apple Watch users so they can listen to songs and podcasts offline.

Last November, Spotify introduced the ability to listen to music directly from Apple Watch. The music streaming giant has recently announced that it has a download feature to play albums and podcasts offline.

Listen to music offline on Apple Watch with Spotify

Until now, Spotify users needed an internet connection whenever they wanted to listen to music from their Apple Watch. Spotify said in a blog post that they’ve eliminated this requirement because they’ve added the option to download songs and podcasts.

In order to download music to Apple Watch, first of all, the music or podcast to be downloaded on the watch must be found. After selecting the found content, options will be accessed from the three dots button on the screen. Selecting the Download to Apple Watch option among the options will initiate the download process. When the content is downloaded, a small green arrow will appear next to it.

Since downloading music on Spotify is a feature of Premium subscription, those who want to listen to music offline on Spotify on Apple Watch must be a Premium subscriber. The new feature will be available on Apple Watch Series 3 or models released after it.


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