Many Google services were disabled recently. There was a problem of accessing most applications, especially Youtube.

Today, Spotify, the online music platform, has become inaccessible in many countries. Spotify users report having problems accessing playlists and signing in on social media. There is no official statement about the problem that affects millions of users around the world.

Spotify crashed this time after Google!
There is a worldwide access problem on Spotify. The Europe-centered problem affects users. An official statement has not been made from Spotify on the subject yet. Similarly, there has been a problem of access to Google services in the past days. In a short while, the problems were resolved.

According to shared information, many users globally have been having problems accessing Spotify for the past hour. However, while some users are affected by this problem, some users also say they have no problems and the application works properly. Most likely, an official statement from Spotify will soon arrive and the problem will be resolved within a few hours.


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