Spotify has made significant breakthroughs in podcasts in recent years. The company recently announced that they have included Podz, a startup specializing in podcast discoveries.

Spotify wants to increase the importance it gives to podcasts even more. The company announced that it has acquired Podz, a startup specializing in machine learning-powered podcast discovery. With the new purchase, the company wants to allow users to quickly discover podcasts within the platform.

Podz move from Spotify

In recent years, big tech companies have started to invest more in podcast content. The rivalry is mostly between Apple and Spotify, but Facebook recently announced that it plans to add a podcast section to the platform. One of the competing companies, Spotify, has acquired a startup that could help users decide which podcast they want to listen to.

Spotify’s acquisition of Podz will speed up the discovery of podcasts by providing users with 60-second clips of programs.

“Spotify has had machine learning experts focused on improving music discovery for almost a decade, but there’s still more work to be done. Podz technology is focused on promoting Spotify’s music discovery, delivering the right content to listeners at the right time, and accelerating the growth of the category worldwide,” the company said in a statement. We believe it will complement and accelerate its efforts.” statements were included.

The company stated that the Podz team will be integrated into Spotify’s core development team and visible changes will be made to the app by the end of the year.


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