The Internet music application gives you the opportunity to share music with your friends.

We are at a time when sharing moments with people at a distance is a necessity. You can only go outside for an hour and go out to see your friends is prohibited, so you can forget about putting music on a wireless speaker with music from a mobile. So the new Spotify feature called Group Session will come in handy.

You can finally share music on Spotify
Maybe if you are the life of the party from your group of friends, you may have made a playlist for the moment. Of course, enlisting the help of other people is also interesting, so that list can be made together. But the messaging apps are not an interesting site and to save this kind of work of searching the songs one by one from a list written finally you can use the new function of Spotify.

Its name is Group Session, which in our language would become a group session. In essence it works as a joint playlist as we mentioned before. It all starts with a person who will be the Host of the list and who will invite other users or friends to compile and control the list. It is important to keep this in mind since all those who have access to the list are authorized to modify the speed of the list or add new songs, so you must choose your guests well.

If you fear for the integrity of a Spotify Group Session playlist, there are two reasons you don’t have to worry about: the first is that you choose the members, and second, all changes will be seen by everyone at the time they are made by which can identify the user and undo the changes.

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Made only for Premium
Unfortunately, Group Sessions are not made for everyone since the firm only makes it available to Premium users. However, you always have the option that we told you before even if the guests do not control the playlist in real time. For that there are also other functions available to everyone such as the collaborative lists that we have spoken about on some occasion.


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