Spotify brought an update to the ‘Group session’ feature it offered last May, allowing users to join the session remotely. So users won’t have to be face to face to join the session.

Spotify, one of the most popular music platforms of today, continues to add new features to its users. The company, which released the ‘Group session’ feature last May, will make this feature much wider, allowing it to be used not only in physical environments but also in digital media.

Thanks to the ‘Group session’ feature in beta, users will be able to listen to their desired music or podcasts at the same time with their friends or family. Moreover, thanks to the new update, the users will be able to do this even when they are away from each other without being in the same place.

Each participant can manage the music:

Thanks to this feature that comes to Spotify, you will be able to listen to the same music in the same month as your friend or acquaintance anywhere in the world. Each person in the group session will have powers such as stopping, playing, passing or editing the playlist of the song or podcast being played.

Users who want to use the Spotify Group session feature have a condition that they must meet before using the feature. Users must have Spotify Premium membership. Each user with a premium membership can create a Group session or join an existing group.

To start a group session in the app, just click on the ‘Connect to a device’ option on the playing screen. Here you will see a link that can be scanned by other users, as well as a shareable link. You can send this link to the people you want to invite to the Group session, allowing them to join the session.

In fact, the ‘Group session’ feature, which was released for people to use while together, has become much better with this update. Thanks to the innovation gained by the feature, Spotify has also managed to bring people who have not previously purchased Premium membership one step closer to purchasing membership.


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