Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming platform, announced this year that it will launch its HiFi subscription option that will provide access to “CD quality” music on digital devices.

The Swedish digital music platform Spotify will offer users access to high quality music this year. The company announced at the Stream On event that the HiFi subscription option is on its way.

Spotify HiFi subscription will allow users to listen to their favorite music in “CD quality” on their digital device. In this way, it will be possible to experience lossless and quality music without sacrificing quality.

More depth and clarity
Although technical details such as bitrate have not been disclosed yet, the company claims that this option will provide greater depth and clarity in the tracks played. The bitrate of Spotify HiFi could theoretically reach 1411 kbit / s. Let’s remind that currently the maximum bitrate is 320 kbit / s.

Spotify says the HiFi subscription plan, scheduled to launch later this year, will only be available in select countries. Which ones are not disclosed. Also, there is no information about the price. However, it is certain that enjoying high quality music will cost more to users.


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