Because of the Corona virus, many people remained away from the friendly environment. Some companies have started to announce new features to turn this crisis into an opportunity. Thanks to the Spotify Group Session feature, it will enable users who are far away from each other to party.

Spotify Group Session feature released
In the application, you were able to share your favorite songs with others. Thanks to the playlist sharing feature, you can prepare and edit a common list with the people you want. However, these transactions do not allow instant interaction like the new feature.

Thanks to its new feature, Spotify will enable users to have a party away from each other. The person who wants to have a party to use this feature will be able to share the code that he encounters with his friends by clicking the connect menu in the upper left of the playback screen.

Other users who join the party in the Group Session feature can interfere with the play screen. In addition, guest users can add new tracks, change the next track, and after doing these operations, it is directly reflected on other users’ screens.

This feature is currently available to people who receive paid membership. There is no information about whether this feature will be offered to standard users in the future.


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