The Twitter account of the Russian Sputnik V project, which is the first Covid-19 vaccine approved by a country, was restricted. The reason is not known for now.

While the vaccination process for Covid-19 started all over the world, an interesting news came from the Russian front. The Twitter account of the Sputnik V project, which is the first Covid-19 vaccine developed and started to be distributed in the country, was restricted.

Unknown reason
The Sputnik V vaccine, sponsored by the Russian Direct Investment Fund – RDIF and developed by the Gamaleya Institute, was the first Covid-19 vaccine to be approved by a country in the world. The account that transmits the developments via Twitter is restricted.

Known for the strict rules it imposed on Trump during the Congressional raid in the US, Twitter apparently did not feel sorry for the Sputnik V project. The RDIF states that they are transparently sharing developments and initiating an investigation into why they were blocked.

Twitter also usually does not make an official statement about the blocking, but first sends some warnings to users. What were Sputnik’s latest posts about and any violations of the rules will be checked.

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