Eidos Sherbrooke is the new Square Enix studio, who want to innovate with and try new technologies.

Eidos Sherbrooke. This is the name of the new Square Enix study, which was born in Canada with the aim of accelerating innovation processes in the world of video games. Among their wills is the concept of imagining the video games of tomorrow and leading technological innovation in video games . “We are an experienced studio dedicated to leading the technological innovation of Eidos Montreal (currently developing The Avengers), members of the Square Enix group,” they report on their website, where they explain in more detail that they work in the search and development of new technologies for create experiences, universes and emotions for the players.

Among his ambitions is, according to Julien Bouvrais, head of the studio, to push current technology applied to the world of videogames and “identify, use and adapt the most relevant techniques in fields related to ours to thus enrich the player’s experience and immersion”. Bouvrais has been working in the industry for 20 years and was the chief technology officer at Eidos Montreal when he entered 2006. Now he is at the helm of Sherbrooke to accelerate technological innovation applied to gaming.

Ongoing projects

Among the projects in hand are the Multi-node game engine, an idea to improve processes from different machines and that has direct applications for the player, Voxel-based raytracing to revolutionize environments and achieve a level of realism never seen before. the moment; or realtime geo-morphing, tools that transform environments in real time in the midst of complex situations, in a fluid way and taking immersion to another level.

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They are at a time when they are looking for all kinds of positions where they ask, yes, for extensive experience for the projects at hand. Programmers, artists, technicians and many other positions are open with the arrival of the studio.

Eidos Montreal is one of the important Square Enix studios. He has worked on top-tier games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the Mankind Divided sequel, the new Lara Croft trilogy with Tomb Raider (2013) and sequels, the not-so-well-received reboot of Thief and are currently in the game for The Avengers.


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