While SSD sales surpass HDDs in 2020, mechanical drives still lead in terms of capacity.Data storage research and consulting firm TrendFocus says manufacturers sold 333.

12 million SSDs (solid state drives) in 2020, a 20.8 percent increase over the previous year. On the other hand, HDD (hard disk drive) sales declined by 18 percent year on year to 259.81 million units. In this sense, it turns out that SSDs sell 28 percent more than HDDs.

The total SSD capacity is approximately 207.39 exabytes compared to 1,018.32 exabytes for hard drives. Note that one exabyte is equal to one billion gigabytes.

Looking at the fourth quarter, 87,453 million SSDs were mostly shipped by Samsung and Western Digital. The next closest competitors are Kingston, Kioxia and SK Hynix. Let’s not go without saying that these companies sell half as many drives as Western Digital.

While the first SSDs were quite expensive, today’s hardware has become more accessible. Nevertheless, HDDs are still ahead in terms of storage space against price. In terms of performance, SSDs offer the best for a computer.


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