The stable version of Niagara Launcher application has been released for Android users as of today. Smartphone users like to get different looks by making customization settings on their devices. The Android ecosystem, on the other hand, allows smartphone users to make many personalization settings they want. Some users do not even prefer the iOS platform due to the customization settings offered by the Android ecosystem. Now, a new launcher application has been released on Google Play for smartphone users who love difference.



The application was originally designed as a flashlight application for Android devices. However, it was later changed to launcher application. The application has been released on Google Play with its stable version as of today, after completing 4 years of development and 2 years of testing. The application is designed to facilitate the use of large screen smartphones. Because applications can be placed on the home screen in an orderly and easily accessible manner.

The application, which was first developed by the XDA member, was later taken over by the developer of Maxr1998 and opened to early access on the Google Play Store for 2 years. The application has a minimal home screen layout compared to other launcher applications. This allows users to easily access the item they want on the screen.

The app has a list and scroll bar designed in alphabetical order. It also allows you to customize favorite apps to be at the top of the screen. It also offers easy access to notifications, upcoming calendar events, and e-mails. Incoming notifications can also be previewed and responded with one touch.

App home screen, font colors, app icons, etc. It offers many customization settings free of charge. However, it offers users a separate Premium subscription for customization features such as weather, widget, calendar, special scroll icons, and special fonts.

The application was released for free on the Google Play Store today. Users can now have a Premium subscription by paying $ 4 for early access instead of $ 6. However, this special offer is only valid for a few days.


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