100 new games will be added to Google’s cloud game service Stadia this year.
Google launched the Stadia cloud gaming service in late 2019, allowing users to play games without the need for powerful computers.

The company started making big plans in 2021 for Stadia, which has attracted users since then. Thus, Google aims to increase the interest in the platform.

Google’s Stadia and Terraria developer, Re-Logic, recently decided to shut down the first-party game development studio. Thus, the Stadia platform, which could not access Google accounts, faced the danger of extinction. It was also hailed by users using this platform, but Google has promised to continue investing in Stadia and its underlying platforms. In this context, the company announced that more than 100 games are planned to reach the Stadia store in 2021. Thus, Stadia was also saved from the danger of closing.

Among the games that are expected to come to the platform during the year are big games such as Far Cry 6 and FIFA 21. In addition, Judgment, an action adventure game by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, released in Japan in late 2018, will be among the new games. A spin-off of the Yakuza series, the story is about a disgraced detective seeking redemption in Komurocho’s Red Light District.

Finally, let’s say that Google is currently offering a one-month free trial of Stadia Pro to users. To get a full membership, there is a monthly fee of $ 9.99. While you have to buy some games as long as you are a Pro member, you can play some games for free. Note that you can visit the Stadia website to see the full list of games offered.


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