Bitcoin and Dogecoin News: The effects of Tesla on the crypto money market are now known to everyone. However, this time, one of the competitors of the company owned by Elon Musk came up with a very interesting crypto money move. A new electric vehicle will be able to mine Bitcoin and Dogecoin.



New electric vehicle will be able to mine Bitcoin and Dogecoin

Canadian electric vehicle manufacturer Daymak has announced that its yet-to-be-released futuristic car Spiritus can mine Bitcoin and Dogecoin while parked.

The twenty-year-old company also says it will accept pre-order payments through a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Cardano. The crowdfunding campaign launched for the car in March has already exceeded $350 million.

Daymak’s patent-pending cryptocurrency infrastructure will be integrated into the car’s user interface.

May be on the road in 2023

In addition to being the first electric car to add a crypto mining feature, the feature-rich Daymak Spiritus also aims to be the fastest three-wheeled vehicle in the world. The first deliveries of the vehicle are expected to begin in 2023.

Daymak founder Aldo Baiocchi says his company envisions a future powered by cryptocurrencies:

We envision a future where your tolls, parking space and drive-through order will be paid instantly in crypto directly. Your online bills and banking will be managed through the same software platform paid in crypto.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently taken a keen interest in recycling the heat generated by crypto mining. Last month, the leading electric car maker suspended Bitcoin payments due to environmental concerns, and the price of BTC fell drastically with backlash from the community.


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