Star Trek, the legendary space series that has been on the screen since 1966, and its films have also been shot, was released in 2017 with the latest ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ sequel. The trailer and some information of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which will be the spin-off of this series, have been announced. Let’s look at the trailer and the information announced together.

Exploring the remotest parts of space, going to places to go, doing things that have not been done, and chasing new life forms in space are not foreign concepts for the Star Trek series. While Star Trek’s recently released series have made these concepts and their view of the future and the concept of science fiction a bit more serious, the new future Star Trek: Strange will return to its origins with New Worlds.

Note: In the rest of the article, there are some spoilers belonging to the Star Trek: Discovery series.

In the second season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, the USS Discovery crew was trapped in the distant future, while Captain Christopher Pike remained in the 23rd century, the ship’s famous scientist Spock and Captain Pike’s right-hand man. Beloved by fans of the series, this trio will have its own series with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. This new series will go through 10 years before James T Kirk took control of the USS Enterprise ship. Although there is no image in the series at the moment, a trailer-like video that the main actors of the series talked about the arrival of the series was published by CBS.

Video starring Star Trek: Strange New Worlds starring:

The coronavirus epidemic and the subsequent quarantine period make its impact on many areas and economies, and Hollywood is also affected by this process. In the interview over Variety, the producer of the series, Akiva Goldsman, admitted that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has no idea when to start filming. Considering that Star Trek series have a special effect weight and a long production process, the new series is expected to meet the audience in the second half of 2021 at best. But again, Star Trek: Season 3 of Discovery and again, the animated series of the series, Star Trek: Season 2 of Picard, will start shooting immediately after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

As seen in the trailer, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; Spock, Captain Pike and Number One will also play the original actors of Ster Trek: Discovery. In addition, the same players will continue their roles in the 3rd season of Star Trek: Discovery. If we look at the story of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Spock, Number One and Captain Pike will be spending time together in the 23rd century for at least 3 years before the start of the events in the series. Also in this series, Captain Pike will face a tragic event. In the same interview, producer of the series Akiva Goldsman said, “We will try to bring back some classic Star Trek cases with this series. This series will be more optimistic and episode-based in general.” This means that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will process a different story with its new episode every week, and while the weekly stories are being processed, the series is expected to be processed in the background as well.


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