Returning to the vision of the Star Wars legend, the Emperor’s Return, which is the second film according to the introduction and the fifth in the historical ranking, celebrates its fortieth year. A new poster has been published as part of these celebrations.

In the Star Wars series, many people put different movies ahead of others. For some people, New Hope, for some, the Return of the Jedi, for young fans, Sith’s Revenge is the best movie in the series. Although every movie is the favorite movie of the Secret Danger movie, the Return of the Emperor is generally seen as the best Star Wars movie.

Return of the Emperor, one of the most important films of Star Wars, was released on May 21, 1980. Today is the 40th anniversary of the legendary production’s debut. Lucasfilm also released a new poster to celebrate this important date.

The new poster was shared on social media:
Earlier this year, Lucasfilm rewarded John Williams, who was responsible for the music of the production. The new poster is quite remarkable and it was a work that Star Wars fans could not wait to hang on the walls.

In fact, various activities have been held about the production since the beginning of this week. We recently saw the moments that George Lucas witnessed the final scene and the movie’s entry into the vision on Star Wars’ website. The first movie was released in more than 100 theaters with its 70 mm version. The 35-mm version of the movie did not arrive until June 18. After the movie was released, additions were made to the end of the movie.

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The Star Wars series continues:
Star Wars productions continue to increase in recent years. An increase in the number of these productions is noticeable after Disney bought Lucasfilm. The stories, comics, books that made up the Star Wars universe in the past were all put into a separate universe. Only movies are included in the main story before the purchase.

Anthony Daniels, who gave life to the character C3-P0, said that his favorite movie in the series was the Return of the Emperor. Do you love the Star Wars universe? What is your favorite movie? In which order do you prefer to watch the series?


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