This Wednesday, March 31, the Day of #TransVisibility was celebrated, which was born with the purpose of making visible the struggle of trans people to live without violence or discrimination. Star Wars wanted to show its support for this community.

Star Wars wanted to take this celebration further than the commemoration it will do at Pride during the month of June entitled + Marvel PRIDE with the first openly trans characters.

Some of the characters that have joined this celebration are Lando Calrissian, Doctor Aphra and Sana Starros.


The Lucasfilm saga under Disney has always been cautious enough to show the diversity that exists in the universe on stage.

We can only remember the effort he made to promote his first gay kiss with pomp and saucer: The scene lasts just under three seconds, with two characters we never meet in a background full of people.

So the efforts that have been made in recent years within the comics published by MARVEL resonate even more. In this case, it’s Star Wars: The High Republic by Cavan Scott.

In it, we place ourselves 200 years in the past of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, they tell us several Jedi stories that move away from the conflict with the Sith and focus on “The Great Disaster”.

It will be the Variant of Number 6 in which we will see Terec and Ceret, non-binary trans knights, this special edition was unveiled through the Star Wars instagram account.

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The message with which they shared this variant cover reads: “We support trans lives and we are passionate and committed to expanding our representation in a galaxy far far away.”

Terec and Ceret’s gender identity was revealed via Twitter in March by their director Cavan Scott. For his part, the creator of the Variante cover, Javier Garrón says: ‘In honor of #TransDayOfVisibility, I am super proud to share with you the cover of Star Wars #PRIDE‘



There was always that question of what was there before Episode 1? How did the Jedi order come to be combined with the government? Why do all the saber designs look the same?

When Disney bought Star Wars, many of the answers that were in the extended universe were lost and it is now the job of a young generation to come up with new answers.

This saga has the amount of violence, energy, drama and lore that fans have asked for for years. He dares to take risks and expand the limits that Disney and Marvel impose.

Many people have welcomed both this announcement and this Star Wars saga with open arms. Read it, you can do it through the Comixology service

Some of the comments showed their support and happiness that this news gave them, feeling at home in one of the movie sagas they love the most. #TransDayOfVisibility


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