Title development is being weighed down by complications from the coronavirus, which has forced its employees to work from home.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer will not be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch this May 12. With little margin, late on Monday the development study, Aspyr, has sent the specialized media a statement explaining the complications they are experiencing to finish polishing the launch and that has prevented them from having it ready for the date fiancee. The delay is indefinite.

The coronavirus (COVID-19), according to they argue, has involved remote work with more difficulties than desired. Doing everything from home has incapacitated the team to move forward as expected and leads them to a situation where they cannot give a specific date for the eventual availability of the game on the digital portals of both platforms: “Unfortunately, due to the continuous work from home as Almost industry-wide requirement, the game will be delayed until later on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. We will be back with an update as soon as possible. ”

The original Nintendo 64 and PC game will include visual improvements and will allow you to play in local multiplayer even with a single Joy-Con for each player on the Nintendo platform.

There will be improvements in the gameplay, assures Aspyr
One of the promises in this improved version for the Sony home console and the Nintendo hybrid is that they will improve control and playability. As they indicated in an official note, they have taken into account that now the controls are more advanced and the technical capabilities even greater: “As with the Joy-Con of Switch, what you want is to make sure that the title is played well and allows you to perform as many control variations as possible. We have done a lot of work to make sure the game feels comfortable in all its settings, including the ability to play with a single Joy-Con. ”

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All in all, Star Wars Episode I: Racer will be on sale when it is finished in digital format via PS Store and eShop on PS4 and Nintendo Switch keeping all its circuits, pilots and modalities such as split screen. They will not incorporate, of course, news in any of the aforementioned aspects, but will serve as a remaster of the mythical pod races of the Lucasfilm universe.


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