Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) almost had a different actor like the iconic smuggler Han Solo. Star of the Outer Banks series, Chase Stokes revealed that he was very close to winning the main role of the film starring Alden Ehrenreich.

“When they made the film about Han Solo, I was very close to playing Han Solo himself,” Stokes said in an interview with North American BuzzFeed. “I believe I did about five tests for the role. However, they chose a 35 year old guy ”.

At the age of 27, Chase Stokes seems to carry a certain grief for having lost the role. So much so that it confused the age of Alden Enrenreich, who is currently 30 years old. Therefore, the protagonist of Solo was 28 years old during the auditions.

According to the American website CinemaBlend, Ehrenreich’s choice must have been due to his experience. At the time, the actor had already participated in the series Supernatural and CSI and acted in the comedy Ave, César! (2016) by the Cohen brothers.

Meanwhile, Chase Stokes had yet to do any notable production. In this way, Lucasfilm may have chosen someone more experienced and known to the public.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Telling the origins of the famous character in the Star Wars franchise, Solo divided critics and fans. In addition, the film experienced several problems during the recording, including changing directors and reshoots.

For example, behind the scenes rumors say that Lucasfilm did not like the creative decisions of former directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. As well, there are rumors that Alden Ehrenreich took acting classes in between recordings.

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In the end, the warm reception made the studio and Disney rethink the direction of the Star Wars spin-offs. Would Chase Stokes really have done a better version of Han Solo in theaters?

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