Electronic Arts confirms the existence of a new video game based on Star Wars after its leak in the Xbox store.

Star Wars Squadrons is a reality; This has been announced by Electronic Arts through its usual channels after the leak of the video game through the Xbox digital store (already withdrawn), where its first details have been confirmed. Thus, its managers call us next Monday, June 15 at 5:00 p.m. on the peninsular time to learn first-hand about its main characteristics, as well as the platforms on which it will be available and a first trailer for the title.

New Star Wars ships video game

Everything indicates that Star Wars Squadrons will be a video game in which we will be able to pilot all kinds of ships in the franchise and participate in colossal space battles, in the purest style of the Star Wars Rogue Squadron saga. At the moment there are no more details of Star Wars Squadrons, although it is already pointed out that it could be the recently leaked Star Wars title and known so far as Project Maverick.

So much so, that after the development of Project Maverick is EA Motive, with what we could be facing a new Star Wars video game focused on multiplayer, although this time at the controls of the most charismatic ships of Star Wars. And it is that in the official promotional art of Star Wars Squadrons we can see two pilots, one from the rebel alliance and the other from the galactic empire, with all kinds of classic ships from the saga of both factions.

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As we can read in the Venture Beat medium, Star Wars Squadrons would be an action game with space battles with a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode that would be the central axis of the gaming experience; According to the leaks, it would arrive this fall for PC, PS4 and Xbox One; We will have to wait until next Monday to know all the official details from EA.


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