The new chapter of Star Wars arrives on October 2, known as the Star Wars Project Maverick.

EA Motive and Lucasfilm have unveiled the first trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons, a space fighting game starring an elite pilot in the world created by Lucas Arts. The title focuses on the battles aboard the most iconic ships in the franchise with different game modes. It is scheduled to arrive on October 2 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, in addition to having compatibility for Virtual Reality systems. In this first trailer we can see what Star Wars Project Maverick looks like, code name of the project that is already a reality.

The title brings with it all kinds of modalities. On the one hand, a five against five in skirmish mode, while on the other there will be battles of Fleet Battles. Also an original story set in the days before the end of the Galactic Empire and the birth of the New Republic. The company has already announced that during the EA Play Live on the morning of June 19, starting at 1am Spanish time, more details of the title will be given.

In a press release, the developers, from Creative Director Ian Frazier, explain the following: “We developed this video game for all Star Wars fans who have ever dreamed of flying across the galaxy in their favorite Starfighter,” to add that “Collaborating with the Motive and Lucasfilm teams, we have created a reliable experience at the controls of a Starfighter through the narration of an authentic story that invites Star Wars followers to explore corners of the galaxy that they have never seen before from your own ship. We’ll be happy to show all of this in action on EA Play Live this week. ”

A plan of attack, and without micropayments

Star Wars Squadron will allow you to pilot starfighters, design skirmishes with squadrons in previous rooms before space battles, and overcome various objectives both in five-on-five mode and in Fleet Battles, where they have to demolish the opponent’s flagship. Adjusting squad composition, adapting to their play styles, and completing objectives will be key in worlds like Yavin Prime’s Gas Giant or Galitan’s Shattered Moon.

The customization will be cosmetic in nature with rewards and bonuses that can only be obtained by playing the video game. Helmets, engines, shields, cockpit customization, exterior of the ship or appearance of the pilot among other things. Story mode will talk about the subsequent events of the Battle of Endor after destroying the second Death Star: the idea is to understand the meaning of being a star pilot while fighting two alternate sides throughout history. One from the New Republic and one from the Empire.

The game reaches 39.99 euros. Members of EA Access AND Origin Access Basic will be able to play 10 hours before launch and buy it with a 10% discount. In Origin Access Premier you can play the entire full title


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