Starbucks, which serves as a chain of US coffee shops, took action for social media ads. Sharing that caused disinformation and caused the hate crime to be committed also disturbed this brand.

Starbucks decided to boycott social media ads

As it is known, Coca-Cola has recently taken a new decision to promote products on digital platforms. The famous beverage brand will not share advertising content on any social media platform for at least 30 days.

Believing that this protest is the right strategy, Starbucks joined this trend. The 49-year-old brand made a statement from its website: “We believe that more needs to be done to create pleasant and welcoming digital environments. Politicians and people considered leaders in the business world should come together to inspire real change. ”

It is not clear how long Starbucks will continue this protest. Founded on March 30, 1971, this brand will act jointly with the media and non-governmental organizations to stop the spread of hate speech.

This trend that started on Facebook seems to grow e

ven more. Because this boycott decision will be valid for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The increasing use of the Internet in recent months may also increase the impact of this decision.


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