The Starship Entertainment agency finally responded to the news of dating Kihyun MONSTA X and Bona WJSN.

On the morning of Tuesday (21/04) the fans were shocked by the news of the love affair between Kihyun and Bona.

According to an exclusive report from the Sports Chosun media, the two have had a love affair for 5 years, since they were trainees at the Starship Entertainment agency.

Sports Chosun also mentioned that Kihyun and Bona often date secretly in Kihyun’s car and recently took a vacation to Jeju Island with their friends.

Responding to the report, Starship Entertainment immediately denied by giving an official statement, “Kihyun and Bona are only limited to senior and junior at the agency.”

“Reports about them having been dating for 5 years and not long ago they were on a vacation to Jeju Island are completely untrue,” the agency stressed.


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