In order to facilitate business between companies during the pandemic, as well as their relationship with customers, the startup Clicksign launched Fluxia, a feature that makes it possible to sign corporate contracts through WhatsApp.

The new feature is based on an end-to-end hiring process that can be easily accomplished with just a few clicks. Through Fluxia, the signer receives a subscription link with a token to complete the transaction in the application.

“The resource is great for the customer, as he doesn’t have to go to sign a contract and save a lot of paper. The seller, on the other hand, has the facility of having an automatic contract creation process: for each sale made, it is enough for someone (it may be the customer, the seller, or even both concurrently) to fill in some fields for the document to be completed ”, says Clicksing CEO Marcelo Kramer.

Through Fluxia, it is possible to gather information about customers or partners by generating forms to be filled out. This new solution also allows the company to generate a document template automatically, in addition to being able to configure in advance how it will be sent to the customer’s signature via WhatsApp. Fluxia also allows for forwarding reminders and signing documents in series.

To ensure security when signing documents, Clicksign has several forms of contractor authentication (such as IP, email, name and CPF), in addition to the use of an electronic lock that works as a fingerprint that guarantees integrity of the document.

The target audience for this resource includes, above all, companies that sell products and services in large quantities and on a recurring basis, such as banks, insurance companies and subscription services.

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“The solution aims to increase the productivity of the sales team and, consequently, increase the sales conversion of companies, as customers tend to close negotiations through WhatsApp much faster in relation to email and SMS”, explains the CEO .


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