The streaming competition between Netflix and Disney Plus is getting hotter every day. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made some detailed statements for the first time on the subject.

Netflix, the number one of streaming services, made some detailed statements about its biggest competitor Disney Plus for the first time. Speaking at the investors meeting held yesterday, Netflix officials said that the success of Disney Plus in a short time is absolutely impressive, but Netflix will not lose the leadership.

“Disney Plus is very impressive but there is no Bridgerton”
Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings said, “The success of Disney is incredibly impressive. It also shows that the audience is interested in more content and is not afraid to pay for it. Audiences are hungry for big stories. And Disney really is, too. they have very impressive stories. ” used the expressions.

Speaking about the effects of Disney Plus in Netflix, Hastings said, “The success of Disney is increasing our excitement within the company, we are working with greater enthusiasm to increase our membership and increase our content budget. Disney and Netflix compete with each other from series to series, from film to film. For example, in the family animation genre, we are eager to catch them and pass them over time, but of course we have to go a long way towards that. We also want to maintain our leadership in the stimulating general entertainment area. I don’t think you can see it from. ” used the expressions.

Bridgerton, Netflix’s period drama released last month, was a great success. Watched in 63 million households in the first 28 days, the series has become one of Netflix’s 5 most popular series to date. Netflix CEO Reed Hasting says you can’t see this kind of content on Disney Plus. Netflix is ​​still unrivaled in general entertainment.

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Spencer Wang, in charge of investor relations, on Disney Plus, said, “Disney’s success is impressive, of course, I don’t want to overshadow this and I am very happy as a consumer, but 30% of Disney’s 87 million subscribers come from Hotstar in India. I think we all see Hotstar as a different service. ” used the expressions. Globally, Wang pointed out that Netflix is ​​still unrivaled, adding that its per capita income is twice that of Disney.

The competition of Disney and Netflix will of course be useful to us in terms of content. We hope that Disney Plus will start serving our country as soon as possible.


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