Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan has made a new promise to PlayStation 4 owners to positively impact the longevity of their device.

Interviewing the December issue of Edge Magazine, Sony Interactive Entertainment head Jim Ryan admitted that the transition from PS3 to PS4 was pretty sudden. The senior manager added that the company shifted all of its attention to the PlayStation 5, but this time a different approach was adopted.

Sony’s boss: “We feel we have a responsibility to this extremely large community and have the opportunity to make great PS4 games for as long as needed.” said. In other words, Sony will disable PlayStation 4 much slower than PlayStation 3. This development is considered to be great news for those who are waiting for a price decrease and have not yet bought a PlayStation 5. At the same time, we can say that it means new games for the future for users who tend to use their old systems.

Will a small number of games be released on PlayStation 5?
So what does this development mean for users who buy a new generation game console PlayStation 5? Will there be fewer games available for the latest model consoles? Probably not.

While the games in Sony-owned studios will initially focus a little more on PS4 content, third-party developers have shown great interest in bringing their games to a new and more powerful platform. Many studios that produce PS4 games continue to move their creations to the PlayStation 5, often offering a next-generation version to customers who purchase on PS4. Therefore, there will be no reduction or delay in quality games developed for PlayStation 5.


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