Steam 2020 summer discounts date leaked on Twitter. The date expected by millions of players has been announced. As it is known, summer discounts became a tradition like other discounts.

Steam, which is among the most used among game sales platforms, is a pioneer in game shopping. The platform manages to attract the players to itself with discounts.

Steam 2020 summer sale date announced
Steam continues discounts that have become a tradition. In the context of epidemic measures, the news that will make players happy at home and played more has come. The summer discounts determined by the platform were leaked. According to the plans, the discount will meet the players at the end of June.

The dates between the discounts will be leaked this year. On the days of tradition, the leak of history also became a tradition. According to the information revealed, Steam 2020 summer discounts will be held between June 25 and July 9. The summer discounts made last year took place on the same date. This revealed that the platform wanted to make discounts on the same date.

The discounts that will take place in late June are known as the largest and most comprehensive discount of the platform. There was a discount in the past winter, but the next discount will be bigger.

It is a matter of curiosity whether the games that stand out in the discount period will get discounts and how much discount they will get.


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