The report was shared for Steam Autumn sales. Valve shared the data generated after the discounts it organized with the players. The Autumn opportunity, which is held every year before the winter discounts, attracted more attention this year. With the effect of Covid-19, the interest in the game is quite high in the period when the players stay at home.


Valve stated in its report that it was the first time that nearly a million players were shopping. It is stated that this number has increased by 33 percent compared to last year. The discounts made it a means for the players to gather together. Stating that the number of instant users is 24 million, Valve shows that this number is 7 million more than the same discount last year.

The world’s largest digital game giant, which also transmits data for the Steam Awards Nomination Committee, says that 5 million 300 thousand voters voted 30 million in total in the categories. In addition, it was noted that more than 1 million 600 thousand players have upgraded to the community badge by sending feedback to the game they love.

Final nominations for the 2020 Steam Awards continue to be announced, and voting will take place from December 22 to January 3. The Steam Winter Sale will start next week.

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