Another record has come from Steam, which has broken a record almost every month since the pandemic began. Steam has exceeded 26 million concurrent users.

A new record came from Steam, one of the cornerstones of PC gaming. The records that come every day also show why Steam is one of the cornerstones of PC gaming and it is difficult to stand up.

According to the data shared by the Steam Database in the past hours, Steam reached a new record by reaching 26.3 million users in the number of simultaneous online users last night. However, when I looked at the data while preparing this article, the number of concurrent users of Steam reached 26.4 million, or even exactly 26,401,443 shortly after the Steam Database announced. Let us state that this number is a record for now.

Steam had previously set such a record at the beginning of January, before that, a record came from Steam on December 14. The Cyberpunk 2077 impact was quite high in the record coming in December. It was also due to the Christmas period, which came at the beginning of January.

2020 has been a very good year for Steam, even this year, and it looks like it will pass.


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