Steam Deck News; A very good substitute


We recently woke up with the news of the arrival of the new Nintendo Switch Oled. Although it has some improvements over the original model, many were disappointed that it was not the mythical Pro version. Maybe Valve saw this and decided to give players what they wanted.

While it’s not exactly a Switch Pro, Valve’s new Steam Deck could fill that void. The company behind the online video game platform, Steam, presented its new portable console that will be able to run all the games in your library. You want to know more?

Valve’s Steam Deck, the portable Gamer PC

Valve’s new console will, in theory, allow all PC games to go handheld. The news outlet, IGN, had the opportunity to test it and learn more about its specifications. According to them, the Steam Deck is only slightly larger than a Nintendo Switch and more powerful, as it was able to run Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, on high graphics settings, without presenting any problems.

Its side controllers have all the buttons and triggers you would expect from a normal control, and it has a touch screen. In addition, it allows you to connect headphones, even if they are wireless, and other peripheral items such as arcade-style joystick controls, a mouse or a keyboard.

If having your Steam library when and where you want isn’t enough, it also has the ability to connect to any external display. You could connect it to the TV or your PC, which could effectively turn it into another hybrid console. It looks like Nintendo will have to take care of Valve in the future.

Now we go with the price

If what you’ve read already made you interested in Valve’s new Steam Deck, you may be interested in knowing its price. According to the company, they will offer three variants at different costs, in which only their internal storage changes: $ 399 USD for the 64GB, $ 529 USD for the 256 GB and $ 649 USD for the 512 GB. If the space is not enough, you can increase it by using SD cards.

At the moment there is no departure date, although Gabe Newell, director of Valve, said that it is planned for the end of 2021, and there is little left. He also commented that a system to reserve the console will be opened in the near future. Are they going to be encouraged to buy it?


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