Steam has had a great year thanks to the pandemic era. More than 40% growth was achieved in the number of concurrent players in just one year. A new record was broken during the Christmas season.

Steam, which is the center of PC gaming, has been one of the platforms that made the best use of the pandemic period. The number of simultaneous players on Steam has grown by 40% in just the last year. A new record was broken again during the Christmas season.

Steam saw the highest number of 17.6 million concurrent players in 2019. This year, the record rose to 24.8 million. When we look at the chart, we see that a sudden rise occurred with the onset of the pandemic. Later, in the summer months, it fell to 20 million, and as of October, the peak number of simultaneous players rose again to 23-24 million.

Comparison of peak simultaneous players over the years during Christmas:

2014 – 8.3 million
2015 – 11.6 million
2016 – 13.6 million
2017 – 17.9 million
2018 – 16.9 million
2019 – 17.6 million
2020 – 24.8 million
During the pandemic period, it was announced that the game industry has achieved a record growth of approximately 20% this year. Total revenue was expected to reach $ 180 billion by the end of the year. The game industry has thus reached a state that is 80 percent bigger than the 2019 figures of the movie industry, for example. The film industry is expected to shrink in 2020, so acting will likely at least double the movie.

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The enormous growth in the gaming industry is expected to slow with the spread of COVID-19 vaccines and the onset of post-pandemic normalization.

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