It was announced in the past weeks that the CS: GO game broke an instant user record. Similarly, Steam broke the record for an instant user and hosted millions of games severe.

Steam broke instant user record
The company has been breaking records by serving millions of users instantly in February for several years. Unlike previous years, Steam had a big leap in the number of instant users this year.

In many countries, it may be one of the biggest reasons that people prefer to spend time on the computer instead of going out due to corona virus. The company that broke the record with 19, 728, 294 instant users has increased 400,000 compared to the previous user registration.

Although the number of users online is high in the application, the number of users playing instant games on Steam has been limited to 6.7 million. The officials, who stated that the number of instant play users was around 7.2 million, announced that they expect this number to increase further in the near future.

Among the most played games, CS: GO ranked first with 1 million users, Dota 2 ranked second with 700 thousand users and PUBG ranked third with 500 thousand users.

If people continue to spend more time in their homes due to the epidemic, Steam seems to continue to set an instant user record.


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