You will be able to follow up-to-date developments through the News Center available for everyone.News Center, which was only an experimental Steam Labs feature in the past, has officially been launched.

From this section you can follow all the news, find game updates and browse all kinds of Steam related events.

As you know, projects developed in Steam Labs are being tested for a while. There seems to be little visual change in the full version. However, it is now easier to find news curators that include news sites.

The News section welcomes us with personalized news if we are logged into the Steam account. However, we can browse the highlights and updates for popular games. Finally, there is an Official Steam Blog tab.

You can customize the newsroom by managing your preferences for the store or by determining what type of posts you want to see. You can also find the news of certain games or sites that broadcast news in the News Center from the search section.


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