We continue with our selection of games to take advantage of the summer discounts on Steam. Works like Hotline Miami, Undertale, Transistor and more.

Steam’s summer deals are packed with jewels at irresistible prices. During this period, which will end on July 9 at 19:00 (CEST), from MeriStation we are making all kinds of discount collections on major works according to genres, sagas, prices and collections. This time we put a budget limit of 5 euros for each title; But we already warned you that many of them are well worth it even if they cost much more.

Selection of high quality games

We take this opportunity to remember that the promotion of receiving 5 euros for every 30 euros of purchase continues. Imagine that you place in the cart some of the titles that we leave below and you reach that amount. Then, you will receive that direct discount of 5 euros that is applied at the end of the purchase; it is not for future transactions.

And what titles are we talking about today? Neither more nor less than essential works such as Papers, Please or Undertale, along with other references from the independent scene such as Firewatch, Transistor or the two Hotline Miami. We also have Life is Strange: Before the Storm for 3.39 euros, Asetto Corsa for driving lovers and the veteran Game Dev Tycoon, with whom we can simulate being aspiring big stars in the video game industry. As always, we leave the name of the game with its price and a direct link to direct purchase on Steam.

  • Terraria for 4.99 euros
  • Little Nightmares for 4.99 euros
  • Papers, Please for 4.49 euros
  • Undertale for 3.39 euros
  • Firewatch for 4.99 euros
  • Asetto Corsa for 4.99 euros
  • Game Dev Tycoon for 4.99 euros
  • Outlast for 2.51 euros
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm for 3.39 euros
  • The Stanley Parable for 4.79 euros
  • Transistor for 3.35 euros
  • Hotline Miami for 2.12 euros
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for 3.74 euros
  • Limbo for 1.49 euros
  • The Banner Saga for 4.99 euros
  • Super Meat Boy for 2.79 euros


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