Steam, one of the most used platforms by players, was opened in China, but there are only 53 games. You can find the details in our news.

Steam, one of the most important platforms of PC gaming and even the game world, has been officially opened in China recently. It was opened to access in China, but it was not exactly as expected, or we can say that it was as expected.

As you know, the banning rate of things in China is quite high. In fact, most applications are banned before they go. However, there has been a novelty in China recently, and many years later, Steam, one of the most important platforms of gaming, was officially opened in China. But unfortunately not like in other countries but in a slightly different way.

Currently, 53 games in total, including games such as Counter-Strike and DOTA 2, are available on Chinese Steam. So you can see all the games in the store on a single page. The reason why there are so few games is actually again because of the bans.

According to the report of PC Gamer, permission from the government is required to be able to broadcast a game on China Steam. This means it won’t be able to get permission for most games. Likewise, there are currently no communities of players on Steam. Only 53 games and reviews are open.


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