In the news we made today, we shared the list of Steam’s best-selling and most played games in 2020. In the list, there were some beautiful games from very famous developers. Continuing to do successful business in digital game sales, Steam has also achieved a significant increase in the number of users. Steam, which has a total of 1 billion accounts, managed to reach 20 million concurrent players last year.



As we enter the year 2021, it is among the details that have come to light, where the successful game sales platform has achieved a new success. SteamDB, where the statistics of the games on Steam are kept, has revealed a striking statistic. According to SteamDB, Steam reached 25,418,674 concurrent users as of January 4. Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, there has been a serious increase in both the number of players of the games and the number of Steam users.

Steam managed to reach 23 million simultaneous users in March 2020, and surpassed 25 million as of January 4. In these days when people are closed to homes, the successful platform continues to increase the number of users, while it plans to have fun with various discounts.

The game store, which made very high sales during the last New Year’s discounts, continues on its way by maintaining its position in the top of the graphics.


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