Steam usually has some strange policies on the games that manage to enter the platform, since the quality control often fails and allows the entry of jobs with minimal programming.

Despite this, some titles do undergo a rigorous review to determine if they do not violate any rule, and if they do, they are withdrawn.

This happened to an expected dating simulation game, as Steam determined that it was too explicit to be accepted and sold on its platform.

Super Seducer is a saga that won a large number of fans, as it put them in realistic situations to teach them how to flirt.

This IP, created by Richard La Ruina, was about to release its third installment, but Steam decided to block it from its platform before it was released.

In a statement published by the creator of Super Seducer 3, it was announced that the game was permanently blocked from the store for displaying explicit sexual content.

‘Steam banned and removed Super Seducer 3 from the store. They didn’t let us launch it in any way. Our page went and 61,700 wish lists went. Before this they told me to wait for ‘approval or feedback’. We repeatedly said that we would do what was necessary. ‘

According to The Ruin, the third installment of this game would be the least censored of all, so they were aware that there were some scenes that could be considered explicit.

The problem is that Steam did not allow the developers to adjust it for its possible launch, which caused annoyance to the creator of the saga.

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Super Seducer 3 started a campaign to ask for donations to launch the game, and if you are interested, you can support it from this page.

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