Stellar Lumens rose just below the $ 0.5 resistance, bouncing from $ 0.45. YFI, on the other hand, showed a downward trend.


Stellar Lumens (XLM) price analysis

Since March 25 and 26, XLM has seen strong gains from the $ 0.35 support level. A bullish trend was also observed in OBV. This showed that the rally was behind the demand from buyers, which was not affected by the recent sales wave.

Even as XLM dropped from $ 0.53 to $ 0.45, OBV only showed a slight retracement, showing that buyers are still strong in the market despite the recent corrections. The MACD is bearish, but above zero. There is some resistance at the $ 0.5 level. (YFI) price analysis

YFI has been trending down on the 4-hour chart for several days. Finally, when YFI reached $ 41,600, it pulled back to $ 38,000 in the next leg. However, the RSI has also reached a lower level.

Recent price volatility may result in YFI reaching the $ 41,500-42,000 zone or falling further to touch $ 39,000. The retreat to these levels may be an opportunity to buy. The fact that it kept the $ 38,000 zone as support in the past few days was a sign of its bullish strength, and the YFI could rise further beyond the $ 44,000 mark in the coming days.


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