Cardano (ADA)
Quite hopeful data have emerged for Cardano. ADA graphics showed a pennant pattern with the movements it has made since the beginning of February.

In this pennant pattern, the entity experienced a break and reached a value above the model. This breakout effect predicts a new trend effect moving towards $ 1.5 for the rising model.

The asset, which fell due to the BTC impact experienced the other day, found support at $ 0.82. This support has been a bullish step with the presence of the bulls and the asset is currently trading at $ 1.06. In the streamer model for ADA, it seems very likely that this increase will continue and reach $ 1.5.

In the last 4-hour reviews, the MACD data has been on the rise again. Stochastic RSI data, struggling in the oversold zone, saw a rapid movement towards the buy zone in the sell zone. Also, RSI data managed to rise above the neutral 50 bases.

50-SMA data will also be effective in supporting the uptrend. Value candles are currently above the moving average and will take support in partial declines.

It is useful to follow the 50-day moving average value. While the asset seeks support for itself, if it sees a decline from this level, it may fall to the 100 and 200-day moving averages and seek support. This could drop the value up to $ 0.73 and $ 0.61. On the other hand, a strong uptrend effect will bring a movement up to $ 1.5.

Stellar (XLM)
Stellar (XLM) fell 47% to $ 0.31 last day. This bearish point indicates a strong bullish recovery effect in technical data. If an acceleration movement approaching 170% drew attention in the chart he had drawn since the beginning of this year, he was stuck in a declining channel.

For Stellar, this bearish channel also shows a bullish movement pattern. Especially since January 27, the peak of the asset, which has caught up to $ 0.61, creates a support ridge in this flag. The success of this flag move and a new trend wave prevailing creates a breakout condition for XLM. The realization of the $ 0.468 breakout could drive the asset to the trend and the target set. This will lead to the asset with strong recovery up to $ 0.80.

It can be said that the parameters are getting stronger for this break to come. Stochastic RSI data on the 4-hour charts has escaped the bearish effect and rose to the overbought point. RSI data is moving from dips to more stable points. Currently, the 4-hour data is below the neutral 50 but has increased bullish signals. Apart from that, MACD data also reversed the bearish movement and is bullish.

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The asset is currently traded in the $ 0.41 band. This level is a critical level for Stellar. Because they value below the 50 and 100-day moving averages for the asset and create a strong resistance point for XLM. These limits of $ 0.429 and $ 0.458 are seen as the first limits to be crossed with the bullish effect. Failure to vaccinate them can push them to another critical period of time. Returning from these points will drag the asset up to $ 0.33.

Monero (XMR)
Although Monero (XMR) has declined to $ 172 with a decline, the last 24-hour data shows an XMR value rising to $ 211, up 5.6%. With this drop, the bullish signals seem more pessimistic for Monero in the short term.

The daily charts for Monero show the bearish trend, and this data is very strong. RSI data and stochastic RSI data are seeing sharp declines on the daily charts. Stochastic data is pushed into the oversold zone. The MACD fell below the safe zone. The positive rise is currently seen in CMF data. High moving money flow data is one of the minority parameters that support the probability of rising.

In the 4-hour data, the situation supports some more horizontal movement and decline for the short term. Likewise, in addition to RSI, stochastic RSI and MACD values, there is a decrease in volumetric OBV data. Lack of demand is one of the biggest problems for Monero, we have shared this many times in our articles. Apart from that, several candlesticks below the 50-SMA level signaled our red. Squeezing below this level and bullish shortage prevent the price from rising.

Otherwise, the entity that can break the moving average resistance may find a strong resistance to itself. The asset that finds support from this point can rise to $ 229 without any problems. But if it seems likely to move into a bearish move, the sell pressure may drop the price back to $ 149 and $ 157 with the bears’ dominance.


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